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Grayman Wood, located in Rajkot (Gujarat), is one of India's prominent manufacturers of finest quality Plain and Pre-Laminated Particle Boards. Our manufacturing facility boasts some of the most advanced machinery available on the market for producing the highest quality particle boards in India. Combined with the state of the art technology Grayman Wood also houses a highly skilled team comprising of experienced industry personnel that has acquired profound process understanding required for particle board production. When combined, allthe resources help us provide our customers with the highest grade Plain and Pre-Laminated Particle Boards.

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Diamond Roller Chip Grading System

Precision made diamond rollers guarantee consistent grading of face & core chips.

8 Cylinder Pre-press

The unique design of the multi roller pre-press allows for optimal pre-curing of mat and reduces resin usage.

18 Daylight Press

18 simultaneous press opening allows higher production output and allows for smooth process functioning.

8 Cylinder Press

The distinctive 8 cylinder press means perfect pressure and temperature across the length and width of each mat minimising the curing time.

6 Head Sanding

Ensures an ultra-smooth surface that is ideal for laminating in short cycle press.

8 Cylinder Short Cycle Press

Consistent temperature and pressure assures perfect edge-to-edge lamination without any manufacturing defect.